Commercial Maintenance

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A new roof can be a big investment. How are you protecting that investment? Pickle Roofing can help answer that question. We know the value of regularly scheduled roof maintenance.

It’s important to understand that some manufacturer’s warranties require yearly inspections to maintain the warranties. A regular roof inspection may not be something you think about, but during its lifetime even the best roofs are subject to wear and tear.

The number one threat to your roof is climate change. Here in the DFW area the weather is notorious for rapid changes throughout the year.  We make sure you aren’t missing shingles, all penetrations are caulked and gutters cleaned out.

There’s little you can do to protect your roof, that’s why Pickle Roofing recommends an annual roof inspection and maintenance. A simple inspection can save you thousands by extending the life of your roof and identifying and repairing minor roof problems before they become emergencies.

We are here to help!