Plano Home Roofing Contractors

When choosing among the available Plano home roofing companies, it is vital to consider material selection, professional expertise and reputation.

Pickle Roofing Solutions employs outstanding home roofing contractors in Plano TX who are dedicated to assisting you with the best decisions for your home. Our family-owned business has over 25 years of experience in providing home roofing repair in Plano TX.

Quality roofing delivered in convenient fashion!

We work hard to set ourselves apart from other Plano home roofing companies. You can expect your Plano home roofing contractors to be available for your calls, follow up on all plans and complete the job on time, including a clean-up that leaves your home and yard free of debris.

Our staff completely understands that Plano home roofing repair work can be a significant disruption. When you hire Pickle Roofing Solutions and our Plano home roofing contractors, you can be assured that we will value your privacy and be respectful of your family’s schedule to make as few waves as possible.

Roofing solutions to meet your needs and preferences

Let a Pickle Roofing Solutions representative assist you in choosing from among our many roofing options.

  • We carry energy efficient, architecturally designed roofing shingles.
  • We carry and install eye-catching metal roofing that has become increasingly popular for its strength and durability.
  • We are also one of the home roofing companies in Plano TX that carry lines of roofing shingles that have won awards for green building.

Pickle Roofing Solutions will help you decide upon the best roofing material and installation plan for your home and budget.

If the worst happens, and disaster strikes, how many Plano home roofing companies can really say their customers will get a timely response to their insurance claim inquiries?

Pickle Roofing Solutions always puts customers first. If you explore our testimonials and customer feedback, you will see we score high marks for our service and availability.  We will be your partner in times of emergency, providing you with insurance claim estimates and regular roof inspections. Our team is standing by.

We are here to help!