McKinney GAF Roofing System

A McKinney GAF roofing system is a preferred system by many professional installers because of its rugged and dependable performance. Pickle Roofing Solutions does install roofs using GAF roofing products in McKinney TX for both residential and commercial buildings.

Among the most popular GAF roofing products in McKinney TX are their Timberline Shingles that boast advanced protection. These McKinney GAF roofing shingles are considered the number one shingle brand throughout the industry nationwide.

Why local contractors and home builders choose a GAF roofing system in McKinney TX

For many home builders, homeowners and contractors, a McKinney GAF roofing system is the most trusted and reliable system for the following reasons:

  • GAF roofing shingles in McKinney TX are infamous for their intricate design and the durable material they are made out of. They can withstand all elements and they are available in a full spectrum of styles and colors.
  • The GAF roofing system has a roof leak barrier and surface deck protection. You will no longer have to worry about storm damage, leaks and buckling.
  • The shingle installation process for the GAF system is meticulous as to provide further protection against leaks and blow-offs. Starter shingles are installed at the perimeter, and, from there, asphalt shingles are installed.
  • Close to the end of the installation process, a ridge vent is installed to protect your attic from trapped moisture and heat. Then cap shingles are installed to the ridge and hip areas to complete the look of your roof.

Another reason why McKinney GAF roofing products are so popular is the many awards they have won. For instance, they were the 2014 category winner from Green Wizard as a manufacturer that achieved outstanding performance in green building.

Pickle Roofing is the best McKinney GAF roofing system installer because our contractors are experienced, accountable, approachable, respectful and focused on the job. Our contractors will inform you about all your roofing options and help you choose the right one for you.

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