Allen Residential Roofing Contractors

Pickle Roofing’s Allen residential roofing contractors will partner with you to add the highest value to your home with Allen residential roofing repair or total roof replacement.

We are right in your neighborhood and have over 30 years experience as residential roofing contractors in Allen TX. We partner with you on your roofing project, from design concept to final clean up, to give you a beautiful look along with unbeatable strength and longevity.

Protecting your first line of defense

Protecting the integrity of your roof is key in protecting your home. Imagine a non-stop attack on your roof such as severe weather, bug infestations or penetration from tree limbs.

Pickle Roofing Solutions’ Allen residential roofing contractors understand that the condition of your roof is crucial to the wellbeing of your home and family. Any residential roofing company in Allen TX can provide you with a low estimate. Pickle Roofing Solutions and our Allen residential roofing company has professionals who can offer high quality materials and craftsmanship while keeping costs competitive.

  • When hiring a residential roofing company in Allen TX, we recommend that you make yourself aware of any licensing in your city and the potential liability a roofing project involves. For residential roofing repair in Allen TX, Pickle Roofing Solutions’ staff will assist you in acquiring the appropriate building permit that spans the desired timeframe. You don’t want a permit that expires mid-job.
  • Our company also carries insurance for every job and we will be happy to provide our clients with proof to ensure you will not shoulder the burden of liability claims.
  • Once our team completes an inspection and you have made a decision to employ Pickle Roofing Solutions, we will have you accept an estimate and present you with a contract. No surprises will jump up at the end of the job. Our clients are fully informed throughout the entirety of the job — the way it should be.

Roofing prices and estimates vary a great deal. Pickle Roofing Solutions’ Allen residential roofing contractors can give you the look and protection you are hoping for in a roof. Connect with our team and a Pickle Roofing representative will return your call within 24 hours!

We are here to help!